Finding your way through a call for secondary opposition requires a lot of attention, concentration, discipline and focus.But how do we prepare ourselves to boost the concentration in the studies and be able to carry out for so many months the preparation of an opposition?The first thing to consider is that there are internal and external factors that can alter the concentration, which are indicated below:• Within the interior factors, we have, the worries, insufficient concretion and determination of the objectives, fatigue, fatigue, exhaustion, nervousness, annoyance, stress.• Within the external factors could be mentioned, the spot of study, the lighting and ventilation, time of studies, noises or discomforts of the exterior, among others.To be able to manage the very first ones, that is to say the internal factors, which are a bit more difficult to control, one must learn to integrate emotional intelligence, that may allow him to really have a control of the emotions and thus he will have a way to identify once the emotions Theyre planning to tuck them in and can learn to take care of them.External factors are easier to control and are conditions that can be prevented and work before starting preparation.Having a good level of concentration at the time of studying will assure you to approve the secondary opposition to that you have bet, and there are numerous strategies that will assist you to increase the concentration when studying, then there are many of them1.0-Rest and sleep properly, sleep the indicated hours, between seven or eight hours a day is right, if you may not have a restful sleep is more difficult to concentrate, wthhold the read or memorize some text. It is preferred not to review until dawn, there comes an occasion that the read is no more retained. 2.0-Choose the best place to examine, to attain an excellent concentration, you have to choose, adapt and maintain a location to review, maintain good lighting, good ventilation, with sufficient space, organized, clean and tidy. 3.0-healthy and balanced feeding, maintaining a healthier and balanced diet, is essential to keep an alert mind. Fruits, cereals, vegetables, abundant water. It is advisable to stay away from caffeine and beverages that stop you in a state of induced alertness. 4.0-Organize most of the material you are likely to use within the preparation of the secondary opposition, it might not seem relevant, but if you neglect to look for something you will need to carry on studying, just then you lose concentration, therefore it is important That before you start studying you have everything organized, to avoid interruptions. 5.0-seeks support, you will find academies of secondary opposition Madrid, that really help to strengthen techniques and to acquire tools to strengthen the interest and the concentration.


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